Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Find and Land a .NET Development Job

My developer job resource kit is now available. It's called "Shove It, FizzBuzz: How to find and land a .NET development job."

What's included in this kit?

The kit includes a 200+ page eBook (PDF) that teaches you how to get the job you want (and will make you a better developer in the process). It contains tips on improving your overall developer marketability, 110+ technical questions (with answers), plus general interview questions, puzzle questions, and more.

The kit also includes software that simulates an actual interview and can help boost your confidence during the real thing. You could also just use the software to keep yourself on top of the latest technologies.

Last, but not least, the kit includes a customizable resume (in Word format) that has proven to be effective at getting people jobs.