Friday, April 20, 2007

It's just Javascript, right?

Recently I realized that most developers I've known (and therefore, probably most developers in the world) think of Javascript as just:

  • a bunch of variables,
  • inline code in an onClick attribute, and
  • global methods on a webpage.

How many of you are saying "yeah, what else is there?"; raise your hands...

I'll discuss the language in more detail in a series that will start out simple and then build upon itself. Hopefully each episode will leave you dying to find out what happens next - like an episode of Lost or 24. Some of the episodes will be called:

  1. Presto Expando
  2. Garbage Collection? That's gross!
  3. Boolean. Not the meat cubes; and not the gold bricks.
  4. Object Oriented? You can't even define classes, can you?
  5. Prototype? But hasn't Javascript been around for a while now?
  6. Functional? Of course it is, I mean, I've seen it work.
  7. What's in the Dictionary?
  8. Who is this J[a]SON i've been hearing about?
  9. The library formerly known as "Atlas"

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Jc said...

({'false':function(w){alert(w)},'true':function(){return this}})['b' in {'a':1,'b':1}]()[!1]("It's just Javascript, right?")