Friday, April 4, 2008

Javascript: More than meets the eye...

I recently ran across a presentation on InfoQ by Glenn Vanderburg called "The Power of Javascript" that was recorded at JAOO.

Glenn Vanderburg makes the case for Javascript, a language long overlooked. This presentation from JAOO 2007 shows how its OOP model and other language features make it a very powerful tool and how to use these features to get the most out of the language.

The presentation describes how Javascript got its name - starting out as LiveScript developed by Netscape and later rebranded as Javascript to exploit the popularity of the new kid on the block - Java, developed by Sun. He explains why it is commonly considered to be a "toy language" and why it isn't.

A while ago I posted the first in a series of articles about javascript. Since then I've been somewhat stingy in releasing the other proposed articles.  I'll try to get back into the swing of things promptly.

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